Friends of Cherry Hinton Brook

Purple toadflax (Linaria purpurea), a plant of garden origin that seems quite at home along the Brook.

Voles in the brook

Water voles Arvicola amphibius (also called Arvicola terrestris)

The water vole is an aquatic mammal found throughout Europe and once common in the UK. However, numbers here have declined dramatically since the early twentieth century and surveys show that overall they are still going down. We are thus privileged and justifiably excited to have what appears to be a healthy population on Cherry Hinton Brook.

We are building up a picture of where the water voles are most active and need your reports of sightings. Just email us date, time and what you saw and where. On Snakey Path, use the numbers on the lamp posts. The interactive map below only shows voles seen along Snakey Path between our interpretation board at the end of Budleigh Close and St Bede's Gardens. They have also been seen along Burnside and towards Sainsbury's. Click on the columns to get information about the sightings.

Water voles are protected by law and it is an offence to disturb them, or damage, destroy, or obstruct access to, their burrows. We collect reports of sightings of water voles, so if you do see one, feel free to email us at

Water voles on video

At the end of May, RiverCare lent us a video camera with a movement and heat sensor. After a few false starts, Nicola Fawcett and Darren Gillings worked out how to position the camera and have been rewarded with excellent 20 second videos of water voles scuttling about at the edge of the brook.

Watch the best bits of the Volecam on youtube.